The Film

Through interviews with emerging entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and execs, Fund Black Tech asks the fundamental question of why Black and Brown entrepreneurs are left by the wayside, especially in the tech industry.

The documentary is an exploration of the past, present, and future of funding Black tech, and weaves together the stories of those who have found success, and those who are still striving for it.

Apart from the documentary, the Fund Black Tech project seeks to elevate emerging Black tech entrepreneurs through featured profiles, and ultimately to inspire a wave of corporate investment into Black tech businesses.

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Frame Captures

These are frames from the docuseries project. These frames, along with many others, will be compiled into a photo album of each founder, business person, executive and contributor through the filming process. These powerful images represent only a moment of the impact these stories actually have. All images copyright C&I Films.

Their brokenness in how they see us is a reflection of this brokenness. And you can’t fix that. All you can do is the work.

Michelle Obama

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